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Dear Church and Business Families,

             This year as Christmas draws near we are preparing for the upcoming needs of the families we serve for assistance with gifts for their children. We are expecting over 2,000 children to be in need in Walton County.  FISH itself does not purchase toys for the children.  We do accept donations from individuals and businesses specific to Christmas and give these funds to the FISH Christmas Assistance Program to purchase the toys.

             FISH will be accepting applications for Christmas Assistance the first three (3) Saturdays of November:   November 5th, November 12th and November 19th.  Applications will be accepted from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the FISH Ministry office, located at 700 South Madison Avenue in Monroe.

             The oldest child will be in the 8th grade. The guidelines for gift purchases is to spend no more than $30 per child.  We try to keep to this amount so more children can be served.  We encourage hygiene items and socks along with the toys.  We ask also that something about the real meaning of Christmas be added as well.  A small manger scene for example or a book of the true meaning of Christmas or a bible with the Christmas story marked.


            Please fill out the attached Adoption Request form.  Make sure you fill out all the needed information.  The sooner we receive your request form, the sooner we can get your adoption names and information to you.  We will distribute the children’s names as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to have all names distributed by Monday, November 21st. 


            Thank you so much for your willingness to make a difference and serve our sweet children in Walton county.  Teaching them the true meaning of Christmas begins with our desire to share gifts with them as the wise men did so long ago.  Please be in prayer for our children we serve to grasp the love in Christ within each of us to them.

             God’s sweet blessings on each of you.

 In His Service,

Cindy Little

Cindy Little

FISH Executive Director



Date: ____________________________________________

Name of Church/Group/Business/individual: _________________________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Is this number okay to give to families that request to call? Yes  No

Back-up Contact: _____________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Number of children requested: __________________________________

Can we call you if after adoptions we still have children in need? Yes  No, this is all we can care for.

Please call each of your families as soon as you get their name and information to let them know they have been adopted.

Your distribution/delivery date: _________________________________________

If distribution, what time? ________________________

Distribution address: ___________________________________________________________________

Thanks again for your willingness to serve these dear children.